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Consulting Services

Advisory. Strategic. Analytic.

Informed growth strategies. Actionable insights. Explore the many ways I can help craft your fashion brand's success.

Strategic Roadmap

Leveraging experience, current market trends, and specific data points, I can evaluate and provide a birds-eye view of the opportunities and challenges currently facing your organization. I'll suggest action points and potential pathways to achieve the growth goals of your organization.


Channel Approach

Fire on all cylinders. Direct to consumer, Marketplace, Wholesale, Discount, Club, Private Label - the list goes on. A nuanced product and sales strategy is the best way to serve a diverse consumer base. Navigate and align these channels, maximizing your returns.


Go To Market & Launch

Whether launching a brand, category, or diffusion line - how you initially position your product in the marketplace can lead to long term success. Get the magic 4 P's of Product, Price, Promotion, and Place right the first time.


Digital to Omnichannel Transformation

Take it from someone who has done it. Moving out of digital into a wholesale or brick & mortar space requires a ton of operational and fiscal considerations. I will build the strategy to bring your established, beloved digital brand to new consumers in physical spaces - wholesale, retail or pop-up. Reinforce brand without compromising your existing business.


Wholesale Distribution & Terms

Who you sell to, the terms of those sales, and when you sell to them can dramatically change your brand's trajectory. I will help you define the ideal wholesale customer targets at each stage of your company's journey, as well as evaluate the deals when they are presented. Brands fail because they take whatever PO comes their way. Roll out to your retailers deliberately.


Licensing & Collaborations

Outreach and terms guidance for brands looking to collaborate, retain or license IP; exclusive and non-exclusive. Expand your customer base & visibility by using your firm's design and production capabilities to piggyback onto others recognizable properties.


Sales Team Organization & Effectiveness

The structure of your sales team can determine its impact. I will evaluate the blend of in-house and independent reps, outline territories, negotiate contracts, define expectations, evaluate effectiveness, and train your team to achieve strategic objectives - providing consistent growth to your business.


Pitch Deck

Effectively reach your target buyers or collaborators. I will guide the creation of sales tools, presentations and pitch decks customized to your brand and market. Clearly highlight your selling advantages. Land the right partnerships.


Product Liquidation Action Plans

It happens to the best of us. What's important is to know your escape levers. I can help you understand your options. Together we can craft a sales strategy defined by your brand's visibility, timing and margin priorities.




Forecasting & Analytics

Forecasts and projections should both inform daily decisions and define long term strategic initiatives. I can develop a KPI dashboard to measure ongoing tracking of your team's progress. Solve the minor problems before they become major problems.


Product Selling Audit

Get more from your selling reports - I'll provide both analytics and actionable takeaways. By assessing product, category, channel, and geographic results I can help you isolate indicators of weakness and strength to craft your next moves.


Buying & Inventory Management

Whether you run a single sku replenishment business or carry ten thousand skus with a weekly, monthly or seasonal life cycle- I've managed inventory planning for a business like yours. I can build a custom open to buy model or a sku demand replenishment forecast worksheet. Ongoing tools for your team to use.


Merchandising Strategy

Equal parts method and magic. Design with purpose and structure your PD with a balance of newness and historical data-defined opportunities. We'll pinpoint your key design objectives and build an informed line plan. Ensure your team keeps their creative eye on the ball.


Pricing and Profitability Optimization

Fashion businesses require a comprehensive pricing strategy to maximize profitability. Factoring in both the competitive landscape and point of sale data, I'll evaluate rate of sale & turn expectations, determine promotional cadences, and measure them against COGs, overhead and internal carrying costs. My recommendations will direct you to successfully hit your net margin expectations.


Line Development Time & Action

Timing is everything. Together we can craft a sequential plan for your team to follow, plotting out the design, sampling, production, selling period, and delivery expectations that will optimize your retail results.

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